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Educational and social opportunities to help nonprofits near Philadelphia navigate everyday obstacles.

Our Vision

Create a world where nonprofits thrive.

Our Goals

Share Knowledge



Build Awarness

Increase Donations

Our Mission

Raising Nonprofits is a charitable organization of experienced professionals with a calling to help nonprofits thrive, by providing presentations and community events.

We support leaders with a cause in navigating the hurdles and tough questions of running a nonprofit successfully.

What We Do

Educational Sessions

We organize regular educational community events in the Greater Philadelphia area. At these events you can learn about Nonprofit Marketing, Fundraising, Accounting, Management and other topics that answer common questions of nonprofit leaders.

Networking Opportunities

We envisioning building a strong community of likeminded philanthropist to help each other in achieving their goal. Come to our meetings and find new friends and advocates.  

Online Community

While in person relationships are important, having quick and uncomplicated access to a group of friends can be invaluable to get your problems solved and get yourself unstuck.

Our Team

Sebastian Meine

Sebastian Meine


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Sebastian is president of Raising Nonprofits, a charitable organization of professionals with a calling to help nonprofits thrive.

After receiving his PhD in Mathematics and a few years at a global Fortune 50 company as software architect, he founded his own IT consulting firm in 2010.

During that endeavor he discovered his affinity to marketing, leading to him co-founding Simple Fast Marketing in 2014 and Raising Nonprofits in 2016.

A sought-after educator and published author, Sebastian shares his knowledge regularly through his writings and worldwide public speaking engagements.

Additionally he is coauthor of tSQLt, the Database Unit Testing Framework for SQL Server, and he is currently serving as president of PSSUG (, a nonprofit in the IT field.

Brady Werkheiser

Brady Werkheiser

Director of Development


A writer at heart and a marketing consultant by trade, Brady mindfully promotes your nonprofit’s message through a deep understanding of human nature and digital marketing technologies.

Ivan Carter

Ivan Carter

Vice President

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Ivan works to align our brand vision with our daily operations. As an experienced outbound marketer, he has the ability to manage and be responsive to various aspects of the design process. His strong foundation in print, digital marketing, and typography, helps him approach every project with thoughtful decision making. When Ivan isn’t working, you can probably find him playing guitar with his band The Media Lunas, teaching tango, or hanging out with his wife and son. He loves spending time helping nonprofits and rumor has it he can bake a mean French Baguette.

Tony Novak

Tony Novak


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Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT is a small business accountant in the Philadelphia area with decades of experience in leadership of nonprofit organizations. He has served on the board of directors of many of small community-based nonprofit companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has additional nonprofit organizations as accounting clients. He currently serves as president of BaySave corporation that is attempting to revive a bankrupt working waterfront on the Delaware Bay into a sustainable aquaculture community. He is treasurer of Delaware River Greenway partnership and served as past president of the local remodeler’s association and committee chairperson at Bucks County Chamber of Commerce. His expertise within each of these groups is ‘getting things done’ in a safe and expedient manner. He is a proponent of automation to improve communications within nonprofit groups. He can be reached though his web site at

Tony Kates

Tony Kates


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Tony Kates is a life and business coach.  Specializing in developing self awareness and life alignment in highly driven professional men. His focus in coaching is to balance their desires of wanting, along with the enjoyment of having, and the consideration of what is left behind.  

As a member of RNP, Tony applies his 10 years of specialized industry experience toward helping nonprofits effectively connect with their Why.  Through strengthening leadership, appointing suitable board members, and assisting to develop clear and concise communications both internally and externally, everyone recognizes their role, and their responsibility.  Our journeys can be difficult to navigate alone sometimes, this is where the guidance and partnership of a qualified mentor coach becomes so valuable; true transformation will occur.

Tony’s truest passions are all centered around elevating the world to be more conscious.  As a father of 4, author, speaker,  and lover of life, he takes full responsibility to live in a manner consistent with his message.  “The world only progresses when we penetrate it with our creativity.  Live fully, Love openly, Give freely.  Participate.  It’s our obligation to balance the gifts we receive from the universe with those we create for it in return.  If you’re going to start a nonprofit for a purpose, do it on purpose.”


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